Analyze Your Fleet’s Fuel Consumption 

The tools below can analyze your fleet data to determine your best or most cost-effective choices.

Heavy-Duty Vehicle Emissions Calculator: This tool was developed to estimate the vehicle operation nitrogen oxide and particulate matter, as well as the well-to-wheel greenhouse gas emissions of commercially available alternative fuel medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. This tool is ideally suited to aid fleets and decision makers compare vehicle technologies for emission reductions and consider allocation of funding.
Petroleum Reduction Planning Tool: This planning tool helps your vehicle fleet save fuel and reduce emissions. Create a comprehensive plan for your fleet by using several savings methods. If your fleet includes multiple vehicle types, add more vehicles to each method.











Green Fleet Policy Development

VTCCC works with fleets throughout the state to reduce their petroleum use through the adoption of alternative fuels and anti-idling policies.

Implementing a well thought-out green fleet policy can cut both costs and emissions for your organization. Our Green Fleet Example Policy works as a template so that you can start formulating your own. If you need additional help, just reach out! VTCCC specializes in helping organizations craft individualized green fleet policies, let yours be next.

We can come to you!

VTCCC regularly travels to fleet locations to discuss a fleet’s current petroleum use and explore ways to reduce their fuel costs and environmental impact. If you are interested in meeting with VTCCC please contact us at

Funding Opportunities for Greening Your Fleet

Vermont Clean Cities is a resource for your business for green fleet and fueling infrastructure funding opportunities. Below is the funding that is currently available or funding that is typically reoccurring. Want to be notified when funding opportunities become available? Email us at to get added to our contact list or subscribe to our newsletter.

Higher Blends Infrastructure Incentive Program

  • Applications due August 13, 2020 11:59 p.m. ET.

Helping Obtain Prosperity for Everyone Program

  • FY2020 Application closed June 3, 2020. Check back for FY2021 information.

Low or No Emission Vehicle Program

  • FY2020 Program is closed. Check back for FY2021 information.

National Grants: Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA)

  • FY2020 Application is closed. Check back for FY2021 information.