Conversion companies and “upfitters” are entities that can convert an appropriate vehicle to run on CNG, propane autogas, or electricity. Both dedicated and bi-fuel conversions are available, although it varies by company as what kind of conversion they do.
Pictured: A Ford F-250 Pickup equipped with XL’s Plug-in Hybrid Electric Upfit system on display at the 2019 Bi-State EV Connector.

It is more common to see conversions on light- to medium-duty sized vehicles. While CNG and propane conversions have been going on for years, more companies are joining into the conversion space for electric vehicles – taking an older diesel vehicle and converting it to run solely on electricity. Learn more about some CNG and electric conversion and upfitter companies below.


Upfitter or Conversion co.
Altech-Eco Y  
Complete Coach Works (CCW) Y Y
Crazy Diamond Performance Y  
Eco Vehicle Systems Y Y
Greenkraft, Inc. Y  
ICOM North America Y  
LandiRenzo USA Y  
Lightning Systems   Y
Mitsubishi Fuso   Y
Motiv Power Systems   Y
Orange EV – Terminal Trucks   Y
ROUSH CleanTech   Y
SEA Electric   Y
Viatec – smart PTO   Y
Westport WING Y  
XL Fleet   Y