About the Company

METRO of the Greater Portland area allows people to travel from one destination to the next without the need for a car. Their transportation is safe, rune frequently, is efficient, and affordable. It provides connections between many different bus routes in the state of Maine, connections to and from ferries, trains, air travel, and even to the cruise ship port. METRO makes public transportation affordable and easy for all citizens, local and visiting.

Commitment to Petroleum Reduction

METRO’s fleet is comprised of 30  buses. Of those 30, 18 run on compressed natural gas, and the fleet is looking to increase that in the very near future. As well as continuing to increase the amount of buses run on CNG, they are reducing the facilities energy usage as well.

METRO is working on expanding the transit services and infrastructure over all in order to build the ridership from the previous years 1.5 million. This rising number is thus giving a rising number to community transport run in a more efficient manner.